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Pastor Jim received the call of God to be the under shepherd of Calvary Church in 2003.   He was previously employed in the steel industry, but had always volunteered in some capacity at the church under the leadership of his parents, James Sr. and Pat Mullins.  A few years after the death of his mother, God began to challenge his heart about who would carry the mandate of the church when his parents were gone.   His parents had faithfully served as the Pastors of Calvary for 23 years and he knew that God was only beginning in manifesting what He had in store for this ministry.

A divine acceleration began to take place in his life as he sought the face of God and in a short amount of time, he became known and loved by the people of Calvary as a true pastor. Today, he leads with clarity and wisdom, through personal integrity and intimacy with God.  He is known for this transparent illustrations, his common touch and his genuine love of people.

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