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Pastors Jim & Diane have been Lead Pastors of Calvary Church for 20 years.  They both served under the previous Pastor James Mullins, Sr. and his wife, Pat Mullins.  They have seen the growth of the church and been privileged to grow with it.   They are both products of being raised in Pastor's homes and have a heart to disciple and mentor a new generation.


They have worked to make Calvary a multi-generational church that thrives on the Word, Worship and Relationship with God and others.  They are on a mission to make sure that all who are lost would be found and be able to plug in to a local church that would welcome them and help them discover the purpose that God has for their lives.


Pastors Jim and Diane have been married for 40 years and have two grown sons, Cody and Jordan and a daughter - in - love, Brooke.

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