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Pastor Diane was born into a pastor's home.  Her parents, Pearl Robinson and Nancy Robinson Vaughn, secured the foundation for her life, and gave her "divine truth" to build upon.   They provided a living example of unshakable faith and deep integrity.  The tragedy of losing her father and two brothers in an airplane crash led Pastor Diane to learn the truth of the love, faith and grace of God and propelled her into a life of helping others to place their hope in the true love of God.


Embracing the principles of a life fully given to the Word of God, Diane's life is immersed in ministry.  She is an author, speaker, wife, mother and friend.  She is a frequent speaker at conferences, churches and also ministers of the mission field. 


She is the founder of Deborah's Voice, a ministry dedicated to spread the message of women whose lives are dedicated to being Proverbs 31 women who love the Lord and His Word!

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